Posted on: June 17th, 2008 Romans & Exodus

In this teaching on Romans, NT Wright argues that, in chapters 5 – 8, Paul is basically retelling the exodus story, now recapitulated and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Chapter 5 is about redemption (see also 3:24), which is what happened when God went into the slave market called Egypt and rescued Israel to be his first born son.

Then in chapter 6 there is a passing through the water – baptism – into new freedom. Here we find liberation to be God’s people among the nations.

Then, in the exodus story, what happens next? The giving of the law. This is chapter 7, where we are brought to Sinai. The new law of Christ and the Spirit do what the Torah could not do: bring about the obedience of faith.

Then what? A long wilderness wondering to get to the promised land. This Rom 8:12ff, in which God’s people are led to their inheritance (ie, the renewed creation) by the Spirit, as children of God, and not falling back into fear like slaves (8:14,15).

And all of this, just as in the Exodus story, is because of the covenant love of God, a loving covenant which then renews the entire creation.

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