Posted on: September 15th, 2010 Podcasts & Media

To podcast my talks (mainly for Christ Church South) on itunes (you can subscribe) go here.

Or, if for whatever reason you don’t do itunes, go here.

For my Christian Formation classes, go here. (Sorry, they are not on itunes.) This page is not super well-updated, sadly. FYI.

Wow, these podcasts were fun!

Here are pandemic era & post-pandemic era sermons on youtube.

Oh, and I have a YouTube channel.

In Eastertide 2020, I did an online Christian Formation (i.e., “Sunday School”) class on eschatology. As a bonus, this material was relevant to my Ph. D. dissertation, and was useful in my efforts to prepare for my dissertation defense. Here are the individual “sessions”:

Links to Indwardly Digest:

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