Posted on: January 22nd, 2008 New Biblical Horizons Blog is up!

Great news. The rich, though-provoking biblical theology of Jim Jordan, Peter Leithart, Jeff Meyers, and others is up for the world to read at

In my view the theology of these men is strongest in the following areas:

– Reading the Bible in a redemptive-historical way.

– Affirming “old catholicism” without embracing Roman Catholicism specifically. In other words, there is an affirmation of “reformed catholicity.” This includes, most importantly, the centrality of liturgy (the church’s worship is based on a pattern of covenant renewal) and the sacraments.

– Articulating a vision for the Christian social order of the future, which sees the creation mandate as being progressively (albeit in a sometimes obscure way) implemented by the Church.

As an example of the kind of thinking I am talking about, see this post on the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism.

(Here, by the way is the Biblical Horizons’ “mission statement.)

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