Posted on: May 1st, 2007 Jansenism & Marxism; de Lubac & Zizek

“The first section [of de Lubac’s book Catholicisme on the “social” aspect of catholicism] develops the    idea of total solidarity: … since the God of creation and the God of redemption are one and the same, since mankind as created forms a unity as well, God’s intention of the redemption of the world in Christ can once again intend mankind only as a whole. (This position stands against any Jansenistic restriction of redemption to “the elect,” as well as every form of individualism in the matter of salvation. If the church had consistently avoided this stance, Marxism would probably have been superfluous.) Here, as in all succeeding chapters, a superabundance of texts from the great tradition is brought to bear in confirmation.” Balthasar, The Theology of Henri de Lubac 36.

One fascinating connection here is with Slajov Zizek, and his contention, as expressed in his The Fragile Absolute, that in today’s world Christianity and Marxism should be fighting shoulder to shoulder. Certainly I’m not endorsing that view right now, but seeing the connections b/t Marxism and Christianity has great value, if only for the purposes of understanding our world today (and how it came to be the way it is).

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