Books I am reading this year (in addition to reading for my classes):

1. Richard Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament. [finished]

2. Henri de Lubac, Catholicism. [finished]

3. Thomas Merton, Seven Storey Mountain. [finished]

4. Walker Percy, Lancelot.

5. George Herring, What was the Oxford Movement?

6. Thomas Cahill, Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter.

7. John Zizioulas, Being and Communion. [finished]

8. Zadie Smith, On Beauty.

9. George Hunter III, The Celtic Way of Evangelism.

10. James Martin, A Jesuit Off-Broadway.

11. Rowan Williams. Anglican Identities.

12. Peter Leithart. The Baptized Body.

13. Hans Urs von Balthassar. The Theology of Henri de Lubac. [finished]

14. John Milbank. The Suspended Middle.

15. Margaret Duggan. Runcie.

16. The Journals of Alexander Schmemann.

17. Peter Candler. Theology, Rhetoric, and Manaduction. [finished]

18. James Jordan, Handwriting on the Wall.

19 John Moses, A Broad and Living Way.

20. Leonel Mitchell, Praying Shapes Believing.

21. George Lindbeck, et al, The Nature of Confession: Evangelicals and Postliberals in Diaglogue.

22. Helen Hanff, Q’s Legacy

23. Helen Hanff, 84, Charing Cross Road