End of the World (my own positions)

“The end of the world” means: the termination of chronos. The giving way of chronos to some other kind of time. Bonaventure in II Sents posits 4 kinds of time, including “angelic time” (Kohlbinger, Tempus, Aevum, Aeternitas). Augustine agrees on angelic time.

Why do I think that there will be somekind of time, something like time, after the end (or, what Josef Pieper calls “the transposition”)? Because I am committed to the resurrection of the body, which surely entails the ongoing presence of materiality. (I am willing to say that departed souls are completely outside of time, but language fails here.)

What about aeternitas? Do I not concede that, since God is non-temporal (without qualification), one must say that God is “in some atemporal realm?” Yes, I do concede that. Hence, I suspect that after the transposition we will oscillate between the two realms of (alternative) temporality and God’s timelessness.